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Workers Compensation Traveling Sales Employee Injury Claims

Many employees travel as part of their employment. If you live here and are working for a company in North Carolina and injured while traveling, you may file a workers’ comp claim in North Carolina, even though you were away from your actual place of business at the time of the accident. Further, truck drivers, sales professionals and other types of employees are covered under North Carolina workers’ compensation laws regardless if the accident happens elsewhere than in this State if the contract of employment was entered in North Carolina, if the Employer’s principal place of business is in this State or the Employee’s principal place of employment is within this State. Sometimes this can be a bit confusing, but we have experience with this issue and can explain your rights.

Our law firm has proven our effectiveness in advising and representing many different workers who travel as part of their profession, including over-the-road truck drivers, delivery drivers, sales people, executives and others who spend a lot of time away from North Carolina for their jobs.

If you are unable to return to work due to an injury, your employer must provide workers' compensation benefits regardless of fault and regardless of where the accident occurred. Our job is to maximize your disability benefits and protect your work injury rights.

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