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Client Reviews

"The members of the Hemmings and Stevens firm have demonstrated a mixture of confidence, honesty, professionalism, expert knowledge of the law, and compassion as our counsel. The superior ability of Mr. Hemmings and his associates in jurisprudence recently protected our family from financial disaster. We will be able to adequately thank him for his selfless work on our behalf. Whatever your legal issue, I highly recommend his firm. They have far exceeded our expectations."
 - Jim S.

"For several years I played professional basketball in Europe. During a visit home to North Carolina, I purchased an insurance policy to protect my family in case I was injured and could not play basketball. Unfortunately, the very next year, I sustained an injury to my knee while playing basketball that ended my career. Upon returning home to North Carolina, the disability insurance company denied my claim based on an invalid exclusion. When I retained Aaron Hemmings, he immediately filed a lawsuit to recover my benefits. Once he made it clear to the insurance company that the case was going to trial in front of a jury, the insurance company decided to pay my claim. I was very pleased with Aaron's representation of me and I have referred several of my friends to him over the years."
 - Roderick C.

"My husband received poor medical care from his doctor and a local hospital resulting in his tragic death. I had difficulty finding an attorney willing to take my case due to the complicated medical issues and certain time restraints. Upon contacting Ms. Stevens, she immediately sought to help me and my family obtain justice for my husband. She pursued litigation against the persons involved and fought for me and my family against the doctors involved and the hospital. Eventually the matter was resolved before trial. I appreciated Ms. Stevens handling my case not only aggressively, but with compassion for me and my family."
 - Margaret R.

"I suffered back and neck injuries when I was hit by a drunk driver who left the scene of the accident. I hired Cory Howes and after the insurance company refused to offer a fair settlement, he filed a lawsuit against the drunk driver. Eventually the case was settled before trial. I appreciate Cory fighting for me and obtaining a settlement substantially larger than my medical bills."
 - Kristle G.

"In 2004, I was hit head-on by another vehicle while traveling to a sales call with my former employer. My case involved many issues including a claim for workers' compensation, a claim against the driver who hit me and an underinsured motorist claim against my own insurance company. The accident left me with a serious back injury and permanent disability. After contacting Aaron Hemmings, it was determined that his partner Kelly Stevens would handle my workers' compensation claim and he would handle my auto accident and underinsured motorist claim. Although it took some time, and apparently a lot of work, Aaron and Kelly were able to resolve my workers' compensation claim, my claim against the at-fault driver, and my underinsured motorist claim and I believe that I received the maximum amount of benefits given the circumstances. Their help has allowed my family to get back on our feet financially and I am very grateful to them for all the hard work."
 - Jason R.

"I suffered a serious back injury at work, which was covered by workers' compensation. Though the workers' compensation insurance company initially paid for treatment and my first surgery, it refused to pay for a second back surgery I needed that was recommended by my doctor. I hired Ms. Stevens, and after the insurance company continued to refuse to pay for my surgery, she took my case to hearing. She won my trial and the insurance company was ordered to pay for my surgery and all treatment recommended by my doctor. The insurance company also had to pay attorney fees for unreasonably denying my payment of my claim. After the surgery, I also obtained a substantial settlement from the insurance company with Ms. Stevens' assistance."  - David F.

"In 2005, I was in a horrible head-on collision that left me with permanent injuries to both of my legs. When I hired Aaron Hemmings, he got down to business working on my claim. Fortunately, he was able to settle my claim by recovering the maximum amount of insurance from the person who hit me and a substantial sum of money from my underinsured motorist policy. Aaron's work was key to getting my bills paid and my life back in order after my accident."
 - Frank W.

"Aaron represented me in two automobile accident cases. He was professional, prompt and responsive. I recovered a reasonable amount for my injuries in both accidents. I would recommend him to anyone."
 - Corina L.

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